O Positive Blood Type Diet

We know that you have reached this blog because you are interested in blood type diet, and especially o positive blood type diet. Lucky for you, because this blog will cover every piece of information that you need to know about this diet, including tips, menu, and food list.

Many people choose a natural way to get a fit and healthy body because most people know that the natural way is so far the safest and the easiest way to diet. For those of you who are keen on o positive blood type diet, and you want to know the best diet menu and food list for your body, get ready for your information.

What is the Importance of Understanding O Positive Blood Type Diet?

Adjustment to your diet menu based on your blood type is very important to your body. According to Dr. Peter D’adamo, the author of the book “Eat Right For Your Type”, there is a chemical reaction that occurs between the blood and the food you eat, and resulting in, your body will be able to absorb the nutrients from the food you consume much easier. Moreover, if you do not know a diet program that suits your body, and just try to do your own program, chances are you will get a very poor and slow result, and probably get ill.

For you who have arrived to this blog, we believe that you have realized the importance of a diet program o positive blood type diet, and for you, we have combined information from other blogs and websites for diet for o positive blood type to lose weight.

O Positive Blood Type Diet Food List

Quoted from many sources, hereby, we present to you several healthy food that you can consume as a diet menu for those of you who are undergoing a diet program. There is a specific type of food that you should be consuming for a better nutrition absorption and digestion. It is recommended for you to eat food with high protein and low carbohydrates. Here is the list of food that you should try to consume for o positive blood type diet.

1. Vegetables
The vegetables that you should consume according to your blood type are celery, cucumber, cauliflower, ginger, and onion.

2. Fruits
These are the fruits that match your blood type, e.g. bananas, apples, oranges, coconut, strawberry, and avocado.

3. Meat
Meat is also recommended as part of your diet program, and you can try meat like, poultry meat, turkey meat, and duck meat.

4. Nuts
Nuts are also suitable food that can be added together to your diet program, among all types of beans, here are the recommended ones for you, e.g. cashews and green beans. Peanut oil can also be added to your program.

5. Seafood
Seafood are also a good combination to have for your o positive blood type diet plan. The ones that are suitable for your blood type are, sardine, carp, shrimp, squid, eel, and snails.

6. Yoghurt
Yoghurt will complete your diet program. This food is very suitable for your blood type, and can help you to enhance your digestion.

After all those food that you need, here are the list of foods that you should try to avoid for your program, and those are wheat, corns, red beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and mustard.

Well, those are the list of food that you can apply to your diet program, either the ones that you should be consuming or the ones that you should be avoiding. For additional information, and to increase the effectiveness of your program, you can also try to calculate the amount of protein, calories, and fiber in the food you consume. Remember that foods that contain high fiber will help you with your digestion. In conclusion, a diet program will take time before you feel the effects, so you need to stay consistent in your program, and thank you for reading our post about o positive blood type diet.

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